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Who am I? - Flynn Emily OBrien

Picture the title in the letters drawn by the wand of Tom Marvolo Riddle although then when he waves his wand it becomes ‘Mr Only By Fine Line’ which has absolutely no significance whatsoever.


I was plucked out of a small country town and thrown into boarding school so I am quite literally living the Harry Potter dream! However, my life is, unfortunately, lacking any form of magic, Quidditch, Tom Felton or Emma Watson.

My life is fueled with procrastination, books, apples and sleep deprivation. Fumbling my way through the Australian school system I seem to find myself always prioritizing my own personal writing over school work. I find the worlds I have created much more interesting that the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand on the 28th of June in 1914, sparking World War 1 and therefore… who cares. Not me.


I have currently written two novels which have consumed the past 5 years of my life and are probably my proudest achievement! New Beginnings and Different Time are Science Fiction and don’t ask me where I got the ideas from because I have no idea! I’ve written another mine post on that, but I’d love to talk about them more if you’re interested.


~ A few of my favourite things include: reading and writing (duh!), my cat, hiking in the forest, building things, soccer, my family and obnoxiously singing out loud.


“You only get out of life what you put into it” so grasp every opportunity! Take the advice from someone who came from a town with a population of 2,500 people and who had to drive an hour and ten minutes, five days a week to get to dance class! Now I live in Melbourne, the most liveable city in the world with a brilliant thing called ‘public transport.’

Just live your life how you want to and remember that the opinions of the people who don’t care about you, don’t matter.