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Hell breaks loose

The Head of Boarding, lets call her Sally, has been on long service leave for the past three weeks and is getting back tomorrow. Before we left we assured her that nothing would happen and everything would be ok. However, in the past three weeks we have had more drama than the entire year put together.

It started with a fight between some of the year 9’s that ended in a room change. I don’t know about any other boarding houses, but in mine, we don’t swap rooms just because of arguments. There were many tears from all the girls involved and one of my roommates (Nila) had to do a swap to try and solve the drama. This caused tears from me and my other roommate (Carla!)To give you a little bit of context: Carla, Nila and I have been roommates for the past two years and we get along really well! We got a fourth roommate this year Millie, who is loader than all of us put together, but we have learnt to adapt. We have so much fun, we respect each others privacy and are not afraid to be vocal and tell each other when they need to shut the hell up. So, to hear the devastating news on a Sunday afternoon that Nila was getting replaced, caused an emotional breakdown from Carla and I. When she moved the room wasn’t the same, the vibes were different and pretty much, we just missed her and wanted her back. Stuff like this never happens here, so it was the talk of the house!
That is the first drama, but don’t stress, Nila is safely back where she belongs now. It took the school all of two days to realise that it isn’t the best idea to just move girls when there are arguments because it doesn’t actually solve anything and these girls actually have to live together, so they need to talk to each other sooner or later . Then there was more stress as the girls had to pack and unpack all of their stuff once again to move BACK!

The next dramatic moment came a little over a week later. We were in the semi-finals for school soccer, everything was fine; it was pouring with rain. Millie was playing and she was starting to feel quite sick. She played the first half and then subbed off the second one as she wasn’t feeling well enough to play. On the bus home (we lost :(…) she was alright, but when we got back she had a shower and went straight to bed, before dinner. I come back into the room after studying and she has been moved to the isolation room (it’s not as scary as it sounds, just a single, dark room where they put sick people… ok maybe it is as scary as it sounds.)
The next day, Carla and I are called into the Nurses Office during lunchtime at school, to get our temperature checked. It turns out that Millie has Influenza – B and now, because we are in her room, we could have it. The Boarding House is in a panic that afternoon, a toilet is shut off and designated the ‘sick’ toilet and every girl in the house has to get their temperature checked morning and night. I am now on medication for ten days just because I was in close proximity to her. Nothing like this has ever happened, there are outside nurses sleeping over to take care of girls, then they are being sent home. Girls are wearing masks around the house and we are going through hand sanitiser like it is cordial! The principal is sending out mass emails to parents and staff… it is mayhem!

The third and final thing happened this afternoon. It was pouring with rain so we all run home and devour afternoon tea! I am sitting on the couches in the common area when I hear heavy dripping coming from one of the downstairs corridors. It turns out the walls in the bathroom are leaking (don’t ask me how that works) and there is water everywhere. There is water coming out of the electrical sockets in the walls and puddles on the ground! The maintenance staff are called and the electricity is cut off in that corner of the house and that bathroom is put out of use. It is quite amusing, but then again slightly daunting to think that our beautiful mansion is slowly falling apart.

All in all, I think that it is time that Sally come back now, it turns out that we really need her to keep the peace, and even the house is leaking in protest!

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Sounds like the begginings of a mystery. Millie has a highly contagious bio-weapon, government are checking everyone and they are trying to get you to move out

26th Apr, 18